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Frequently asked questions


 Q     My dealership sells 1,200 vehicles per year, how can it be compared to another group member who sells 300 or even 4,000 vehicles a year?

A     The answer is in the software our exclusive PowerHouse Software┬« will convert the information from your P&L and daily logs to ratios based on a per vehicle sold basis. We compare ratios...for instance is your business selling $800 in PAC per vehicle or $300 per vehicle sold?

Q    How do I know what industry information is really the right fit for my business? Trade Publications, OEM Rep, Accessory Rep, Auto Industry?

A    Let us show you our measurements of your industry.

Q    If I spend all of my time working in my business...Who is working on my business?

A    Let us show you how to manage your business instead of reacting yo it.

Q    Are your customers paying MSRP for the motorcycles, ATVs, and snowmobiles you sell?

A    We have a system proven in powersports to sell more vehicles, at higher margains, creating happy, loyal customers...let us show your team how.

Q   Do you need another parts guy? How many dollars in parts sales can one guy handle in a month?

A    We can show you! We have sales and margin ratios for all departments, regardless of your business size.

Q    I think I need to advertise more. What works best? How much should I spend? What works for other dealers?

A    We can show you tested and proven advertising techniques!

Q    How do I know your system works?

A    Ask our customers, we gladly provide referrals that can share information about how PHD structure improved their business and quality of life.


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