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The doctor is in.


Been tussling with a tough problem in some part of your dealership? Think about asking one of our team of powersports experts to help you crack it.

Working with you as independent contractors, our seasoned specialists can help you diagnose problems and find the right solutions. Thanks to their years of experience, they can often get you back on track in an amazingly short time! (In many cases, they can give you the advice you need, right over the phone!)

They’ve all agreed to offer special discounts to PHD members. But you don’t have to be a member to gain access to this outstanding team of experts!

Call us or drop us an email. We’ll put you in touch with the specialist serving your area of need. Then you can talk with him or her, discuss your situation, and decide how to proceed—or whether you want to proceed at all.

It’s been said that “experience comes from making mistakes.” Wise dealers ask the people who’ve already had the experience, rather than make those costly mistakes themselves. It’s the quick & efficient way to solve dealership problems!

We Can Connect You With Help In These Areas:

 F&I (products & sales)  P&A
 Goal-Setting Personnel Selection
 Human Resource Management Profit Maximization
 Lightspeed Support Purchasing
 Location Analysis Sales (all departments)
 Manager Training Service Dept. Productivity
 Marketing Team-Building
 Merchandising Technology
 Organizational Development  


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