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Bill Shenk



We practice what we preach, so PHD is very much a team effort. If you join one of our 20-groups (or use our on-site consulting services) you’ll meet our experts in Sales, Service, F&I, P&A, and Operations. It’s a remarkable team. And it’s led by one of the industry’s longtime leaders, Bill Shenk.

An Expert Licensed Road Racer who owned his first dealership by age 30, Bill Shenk has always liked to move fast. In the ‘80s, when other dealerships slowed to a crawl, Bill’s kept rolling ahead. As a result, Lightspeed’s founders asked him to help them design their new dealer-management system, and then show dealers how to use it.

Bill ShenkBill later developed FasTrak™, his own automated reporting system for dealers. When he launched PHD, his members were soon leaving their rivals in the dust.

Today, PHD is the largest independent 20-group organization in the industry. Free of outside influence, it focuses exclusively on the best interests of its members. Bill thinks those interests can be summarized as “more profitability – faster!” If you agree, then you came to the right 20-group!




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